User testing for a slightly unusual e-commerce site


Homebuy screenshot
We really enjoyed working with the your mum team – they are proactive in their approach and have a keenness to understand our business and our customers. We were very pleased with the results of the work we did together, and have implemented many of the recommendations, which in turn have helped us drive our web performance further. We look forward to working with them again.

Neil Rudolph Homebuy

Homebuy provide customers with an affordable means of buying household goods through a hire purchase finance plan which spreads the cost across a series of weekly payments.

They have an e-commerce site but it is not like a normal online shop; people browse for products but can’t buy them there and then, instead they have to apply for credit before purchasing. As you can imagine this leads to a complex user experience and route to purchase which is where we come in.

We put together a testing programme (for desktop/tablet/mobile) and recruited users that best matched their custom demographic. After testing the site, we produced a report with recommendations for improvements to the user journey.

Homebuy have already applied lots of our suggestions.

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