In depth review of website leads to re-structure and improved user experience

National Housing Federation

The National Housing Federation provides member services for Housing Authorities across England and Wales. They have a wide and varied user base, from civil servants and lobbyists, to local housing authority employees and the general public.

They approached us because they were concerned that their website had become convoluted and difficult to navigate, bogged down with irrelevant, out-of-date and redundant information. They wanted someone to help them realign the structure and content along with delivering a more user-focused route.

National Housing Federation screenshot
We worked with your mum on a research project to inform the new information architecture for our website. From start to finish they were superb to work with, giving sound and expert advice. We are delighted with the new proposed structure for our website which is validated by the excellent research they conducted. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them and as you’d expect from an agency with their name, they were also great fun to work with!

Matt Newell National Housing Federation

We put together a programme of activity that allowed us to identify the problem areas, suggest fixes and test the success of our suggestions. In the research stage we explored their website and determined how the navigation and user journeys could be improved which led on to conducting a range of tasks, including a content audit, review of website analytics, peer review and user testing.

This research culminated in an interim report which drew together our findings and presented our recommendations for improvements to website structure, content and functionality. We went on to develop a series of high-fidelity wireframes to demonstrate our suggestions and tested them with a considerable number of real users via an online testing platform. This allowed us to validate that our recommendations were correct (and allowed us to refine our approach where they weren’t).

The evidence from testing has helped the communication team at NHF sell the changes into the wider organisation, and has instilled confidence that the new website will offer an improved user experience.

National Housing Federation

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