your mum is a no-nonsense usability and user experience (UX) consultancy based in the UK.

“Your mum” may be a puerile insult used by 12 year old boys but there’s also a serious point to be made: “Your mum…   …is not a valid test market.” We believe truly usable solutions only happen when we look beyond our own back yard to see who users are and what they expect.

We know that making usable websites, desktop and mobile applications, and games is not about being altruistic; we know if users can find what they want quickly, without fuss and with a smile, our clients’ businesses thrive online.

We are not an agency, we are a collective of senior User Experience consultants, each with around 20 years commercial experience in digital and enough knowledge to deal with any user-related challenge.

As a team of UX consultants, we are perfectly placed to work with you to establish which of our skills add the most value to your project. We can also can fit seamlessly into your team and work with you in an iterative and collaborative way.

Research and analysis

When you have a concept for a website, mobile app or game, how can you be confident it has legs, so to speak?

We can consult with your relevant departments, and research your industry and audience, so that we can get under the skin of your business and help you make well-informed decisions.

Interaction design

You know your idea is sound but how can you bring it to life without spending huge amounts of time, resource and budget?

Whether sketching things out on paper or creating hi-fidelity interactive prototypes we can demonstrate how it should work before anyone starts spending large amounts of your budget.

User testing

How can you be sure that what you have now, or what you want to create, is exactly what your users need and want?

We can learn first-hand what users want and why they want it by asking them directly, either via our Midlands-based usability testing lab or via remote user testing and telephone interviews.

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Baby, you know, your mum is NOT a valid test market… Sometimes she is but let’s not get pedantic, honey.